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Mission statement
The Nefesh Foundation was set up on 25 November 1997 by a few ambitious volunteers in an effort to present a picture of the multifarious aspects of present-day Jewish life. Nefesh uses television and film as influential media to develop audiovisual projects that examine the Jewish role in multicultural Dutch society. The foundation focuses on today’s society through the lens of the Jewish notion of the unification of contradictions.

What brings us together?

About Nefesh Foundation
There is a rich Jewish tradition in the Netherlands in general and Amsterdam in particular, largely thanks to Jewish citizens who have played a major role in Dutch politics, finances and culture. The Jews are the oldest minority in the Netherlands. You cannot understand Dutch history without understanding the intellectual, economic and cultural contribution of its Jews. The Nefesh Foundation explores their heritage and presents their current vivid and creative Jewish culture. Nefesh uses television and film to develop audiovisual projects that examine Jewish culture within the cultural diversity typical of today’s multicultural society.

In recent years, the Nefesh Foundation has successfully produced widely acclaimed local broadcasts on Nefesh TV. The programming of Nefesh TV became an important way to spread knowledge and insight into the numerous facets of Jewish life and culture in the Netherlands and in Amsterdam. Thereby we have been supported by various foundation, the likes of:

• Stichting Collectieve MAROR-gelden
• Salto Omroep Amsterdam
• Stichting Levi Lassen
• Stichting Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

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