Governing board

J.H. Betsalel-Beukers, director of Nefesh

A. Z. Israëls, treasurer of Nefesh,

J.R. Martin, board member

Nefesh Foundation cooperated with a number of freelancers including:

Shirley Barenholz photographer and filmmaker

Hedda van Gennep (1929), scenario writer and consultant, has been a film director and teacher at the Media Academy since 1969 and a freelance writer for innumerable documentary films since 1987.

Kester Dixon (1954), studied at the Amsterdam Film Academy and has been a film and video cameraman since 1980.

Daphne Meijer (1961), writer and scriptwriter, studied Dutch at the University of Amsterdam and has been a novelist and a journalist for the NIW and Het Parool since 1991 and has worked on other projects. She co-produced several short films and documentaries.

  • José Recio Martin (1975), production staff member, studied Spanish and Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam and worked on several documentaries.
  • Nadav Monselise/ (1969) has a Law degree from Tel Aviv University and a degree in Art and Design from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

    Bastiaan Piloo, adviser, previously a consultant at Van Dishoeck & Jongbloed consultancy bureau in Amsterdam, assists the Nefesh Foundation. He has been an adviser in the non-profit sector since 1998 and plays a role in the financial planning, PR, and organizational developments.

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