Early works

In Heavenly Spheres
Jewish Mysticism stands central in this film Esther February-Roos give the audience an insight into Jewish kabalistic meditation and the artists Amos van Gelder and Joseph Halevy shows how did Kabalah influenced their works

Together In
“Together,” a group of teenagers from Israel fighting cancer open up their hearts. During this trip, organized by the Jerusalem-based foundation “Zichron Menachem” and various Dutch sponsors, with picturesque Holland in the background, they grieve the loss of their youth, and courageously confront their fears and uncertainty and share with us their dreams and will to live.

Solidarity with Israel
During the latest rocket attacks from the Gaza on Israel which resulted in yet another conflict in the middle east, the various Jewish organizations in Holland joined forces and gathjered together to express their a solidarity with Israel. Speakers among others were Frits Barend, Elisheva Ronen en Leon de Winter

A moving TV report of a trip to Amsterdam, organized for children with cancer by the Wishes foundation. Wishes foundation was founded by the acclaimed Israeli actress Gila Almagor and aims to make wishes of children with cancer, come true

Noam Vazana
The Sensual enigmatic Israeli singer songwriter Noam Vazana is praised by press and public. At the background of her show at the Jewish Historical Museum during Museum Night 2012, she exhibits her passion and shows some ‘personality’…

Tel Aviv Non Stop
A series of registrations from the dynamic and unique city of Tel Aviv, chosen by the ‘Lonley Planet’ as the ‘place to be’ in 2011

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