Nefesh TV zendt wekelijks uit op Zondag van 22:00 tot 23:00 uur op Salto A1.
Amsterdam, Abcoude, Diemen, Landsmeer, Oostzaan, Ouder – Amstel, Zaanstad, Purmerend, Weesp, Zeevang en Almere (UPC Kanaal 37)
Voor uitzendgebied en frequenties kunt u inloggen op www.salto.nl en www.upc.nl.

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Jaque juli 17, 2015 om 08:25

119:99 say “From all my teachers I lnaret wisdom; for your testimonies (the Truth of the Torah) are my meditation.”The sages teach us that it is our responsibility to make our own teachers.There is an amazing building that was built by a great and mysterious architect. Many people want to learn the secrets of this contracture and they get inside to explore and study it. Every researcher/visitor sees and report different views and findings.The only one that can give accurate description is the actual architect but very few could study the structure and get close to the truth or it. All the rest work harder and do their best.As a person from the outside we want to learn as much as possible but don’t want to get lost inside so our best is to learn from many people that experienced the inside.We choose the teachers by the level of knowledge they can add to us. After we learn ALL that we can from one teacher we should move to another one that can give us anther ‘angle’. The more angles we cover, the better view of the structure is revealed to us. All we need is to make sure is that the teacher doesn’t have personal and selfish agenda. It is okay to pay for the knowledge a much as you value the added knowledge and connection to the light and teaching. This payment could be in the form of money, promotion of the teacher and volunteering to help.Not all teachers give you an easy life and it doesn’t mean that they are bad. They could be the best for your correction.Some teachers are focused on the moral side of Kabbalah, some on the sacred text, some on meditation, some on the teaching of the Tree of Life, some on the entire above etc. etc.With the spread of Kabbalah knowledge through the Internet, you can learn from many at the same time. Depending on your vessel capabilities, you can explore one ‘angle’ at a time or all at the same time. Always ask questions in order to learn more.


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